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The Theatre’s Stage Lighting Amenities are comprised of Standard Theatrical Stage Lighting equipment & instruments, along with Optional Stage Lighting equipment & instruments  and House Lighting equipment and instruments, as follows:  

Standard Theatrical Stage Lighting equipment & instruments:

(1) Leprecon LP 612 12 channel console ( aka controller board) that provides users with many high quality features such as: Manual Scenes, Preset Memories, Cue Stack and Chaser. The Output is the industry standard Microplex using a three pin XLR connector. The optional DMX 512 output uses the standard 5 pin XLR as specified by USITT, and the analog option uses Cinch-Jones connectors common on other Leprecon equipment. The Leprecon LP 612 console is located in the rear of the Theatre next to the audio mixer for ease of operation.  

(2) Leprecon LD 360A-HP dimmer pack units with 2 Channels and 12 Edison receptacles each. Each channel has an 1800 watt capacity with a 15 amp power plug,  or 2400 watt capacity with a 20 amp power plug. The primary dimmer pack is located in the mezzanine booth area and services the (6) Source 4 theater lighting units that are mounted in the ceiling above the stage. The second dimmer pack is located under the rear of the stage and services the stage mounted foot lights and supplementary stage lighting with immediate floor level proximity to the rear stage area .

Theatrical lighting instruments:

  • (4) Source 4s – 26 degree Leikos w/Gels & HPL 575 lamps (ceiling mounted w/attic access)
  • (2) Source 4s – 19 degree Leikos w/Gels & HPL 575 lamps (ceiling mounted w/attic access)
  • (1) Lycian 1000 watt Follow Spot w/(6) Gel shutters (Tripod stand located on top of booth)
  • (9) Footlights, 40 watt incandescent lamps located along the front edge of the stage.

Optional Stage Lighting equipment and instruments:

  • (6) Spot LED 40 watt  lamps recess mounted in ceiling directly above the  stage (house dimmer, optional stage lights)
  • (6) Spot LED 15 watt lamps recess mounted in ceiling directly in front of  stage (house dimmer, optional stage lights)

House Lighting equipment and instruments:

  • (10) Flood LED 18 watt lamps recess mounted in ceiling above center of auditorium in 2 rows of 5 each  (house dimmer)
  • (12) Flood LED 18 watt lamps recess mounted in ceiling above each side of auditorium in 2 rows of 6 each (house Toggle)

The above Theatrical Stage Lighting, Optional Stage Lighting and House (auditorium) Lighting components are very flexible and can accommodate a very broad scope of Theatre  rental uses.  Our power source may also accommodate moderate Supplemental lighting instruments as an “Additional Rental Items” when provided by Lessee and approved by the Theatre, if needed. (Note: The Main Electrical Panel provides  400 amp electrical service to the Premises.)

We would welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of the Premises and discuss your particular lighting performance needs. Contact Tom McMahon at (760) 720-2460

A specific description of all Theatre’s particular Performance Amenities together with a related Photo Gallery can be found on the following pages of this Rental Information Section.