Prior Events : Theatrical Play Performances

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Partial List of Prior Theatrical Play Performances:

Date                                    Theatrical Play Name                 Theatre Company

July 11th, to

Aug. 2nd, 2015           ”The Winter’s Tale”   (14  x)           Intrepid Shakespeare Co.


July 3rd, to  

Aug. 2nd. 2015          ”The Quality of Life”  (20  x)           Intrepid Theatre Co.

Nov. 2013                    “Showcase – Live Drama)                Valletta Actors Studio

Mar. 2013                    “Showcase – Live Drama)                Valletta Actors Studio  



Apr.   2012               ”Rock the House” Comedy Nite – Fund Raiser                  Carlsbad Optimist Club

Oct.    2012              “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” – Film                                    Jerry Tetalman / Congress

Mar.  2012               “Join Hands Save a Life” Comedy Night                             Frank Sorino  JHSAL

Dec.  2012               “Ortega Boys Fund Raiser” Comedy Night                         Alex & Lisa Ortega

Jun.  2011                “Dennis Cooch Mata” – Fund Raiser                                  Tony Mata & Mike Pace

Oct.  2010                “Halloween on Elm”                                                            City of Carlsbad