Prior Events : Live Musical / Dance Performances

Photo Gallery  - Live Musical / Dance Performances 

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 Partial List of Prior Plays:

Date                        Play Name                                                   Producer

April 2016               “Willy Wonka Jr.”                                            Carlsbad Community Theatre

Oct. 2015                “Variety Dance Show”                                   Arthur Murray Studios

 Apr. 2015                ”Wizard of Oz” (6 X)                                   Carlsbad Community Theater                                    

June 2014                 ”A Tribute to Broadway”                             Mick Pulver

May 2014                  ”The Mouse That Roared”                          Sanderling Waldorf School

May 2014                  ”The Musical Pinkalicious” (3)                   Carlsbad Community Theatre

April 2014                 ”101 Dalmations”  (3)                                    Carlsbad Community Theatre

March 2014                 ”Once Upon A Mattress” (3)                      Carlsbad Performing Arts Academy

Mar.  2013                   “Actor’s Showcase”                                              Valletta Actors Studio

Mar.  2013                   “Charlotte’s Web”                                                 Carlsbad Performing Arts Academy

May   2012                   “The Vagina Monologues – 2012                        Tribal – Truth (Isabella Konold)

Mar.  2012                   “Actor’s Showcase”                                              Valletta Actors Studio

Dec.  2011                   “A Christmas Carol: The Radio Show”                Scott Paulson

Feb.  2011                   “Stories of Completion”                                        Anthony “Twig” Wheeler

Oct.  2010                    “Dear Edwina  -  Junior”                                      Carlsbad Performing Arts Academy

Oct.  2010                    “Actor’s Showcase”                                             Valletta Actors Studio

Aug.  2010                   “The Male Intellect: an Oxymoron”                      Bob Dubac

Mar.  2010                   “V – Day  2010   -   Congo                                   NC African American Womens Assn