Prior Events : Live Band Concerts

Prior Events – Live Band Concerts

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 Partial List of Prior Live Band Concerts

Date                     Prior Live Concert Event                                                  Producer

May 2016               Greg Douglass Band – Classic 70′s Rock                      Greg Douglass

Oct. 2015           ”Kainga Music Steel Drum – Music Fesitval                   Keli Ross-Mau

 Aug.  2015        “Six String Society Concert”                                           Ken Rexrode

June 2015         Mike  Reilly’s Band – “Ridin’ South” - Tribute Concert to

                            ”The Allman Brothers Band - Filmore East”                     Mike Reilly

Mar  2015         ”The Six String Society”                                                    Ken Rexrode

Feb. 2015          ”Todd Snider Concert”                                                      Chad Waldorf

Dec. 2014          ”Tony Suraci Christmas Show”                                       Ken Rexrode

Dec. 2014          4th Annual Holiday – Steel Drum Concert                       Kainga Music School

Dec. 2014          “Breakthrough – Holiday Concert”                                Mick Pulver 

Nov. 2014           ”The Six String Society”                                                    Ken Rexrode

Aug. 2014          Cody Lovaas in Concert                                                  Chad Waldorf

Sept. 2014           ”11th Annual Carlsbad Music Festival” - (5)                                Matt McBane

Aug. 2014            Cody Lovaas in Concert                                                               Chad Waldorf

June 2014        ”Breakthrough Performance Concert”                         Mick Pulver

June 2014           ”A Tribute to Broadway”                                     Dan Damon 

June 2014            Robin Adler & Mutts of the Planet

                               tribute to Joini Mitchell’s “Hejiera”                                         David Blackburn

April 2014        ”Breakthrough” Concert                                                 Mick Pulver

March 2014     ”Breakthrough” Concert                                                 Mick Pulver

Jan. 2014             ”David Bowie” (Tribute)                                                            The School of Rock

Jan. 2014              “The Beatles” (Tribute)                                                             The School of Rock

Dec. 2013              Steel Drum Concert                                                                   Keli Ross – Ma’u

Dec. 2013              Andre Stevens Thomas  in Concert                                        Andre Stevens Thomas

Dec. 2013             ”Breakthrough” Concert                                                           Mick Pulver 

Nov. 2013             ”Breakthrough” Concert                                                           Mick Pulver 

Oct. 2013              “Eos” Khassia Concert                                                              Lawrence Family JCC  

Oct. 2013             ”Breakthrough” Concert                                                            Mick Pulver

Sept. 2013            “AC/DC” (Tribute)                                                                     The School of Rock

Sept. 2013            “The Who” (Tribute)  (2 X)                                                      The School of Rock

Sept. 2013             Carlsbad Music Festival                                                           Matt McBane

July 2013             “Breakthrough” Concert                                                           Mick Pulver 

July 2013              “CSN Experience” – Woodstock Mud Bank                         Mike Aguilar

June 2013             “Monkey Wrench & More” (Foo Fighters Tribute)            The School of Rock

June 2013             “Dark Side of the Moon” (Pink Floyd Tribute)                   The School of Rock

June 2013            “Breakthrough” Concert                                                            Mick  Pulver 

May  2013            Herschel Sizemore “Mandolin in B”                                       Backyard Gree

                                   (Premiere Documentary Film) w/ Live Band                        Rick Bowman

Mar. 2013           ”The Mama Doni Band”                                                              LF JCC

Dec. 2012            ”Christmas Day” Concert – Presidio Brass                              The Presidio Brass

Nov. 2012            ”An Evening with Andre Stevens-Thomas                              Andre Stevens -Thomas

Sept. 2012           “Carlsbad Music Festival”                                                           Matt McBane

Jun. 2012            “The Romantico Tour 2012-2013″                                            NCA Global Ent.

                                    (Giovanni Maradi – Gustavo Alarco – Ariana Savalas)

Apr. 2012            “The Mike Riley Band”                                                                MRB Productions

Oct. 2011             John & Hope Keawe (Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar)                Patrick Landesa

Sept. 2011          “Carlsbad Music Festival”                                                             Matt McBane

Oct. 2010            “Here Comes the Sun” (Pupping & Benedetti)                        Peter Pupping

Sept. 2010          “Carlsbad Music Festival”                                                            Matt McBane