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Partial List of Prior Cinema Screen Presentations:

Date                         Cinema Screen Presentation                              Producer

Sept 2016                  “For the Love of Spock” – Documentary                  Jewish Film Festival

Oct. 2015                   “Can I Surf That”                                                             JDRF 

Oct. 2015                    ”Where is GOOD?                                                          Private

Sept. 2015                 ”Share the View: Denali”                                                Szalkiewicz Family

June 2015                 “The Unreal Movie”                                                         Mtn Bike film

June 2015                 ”Ascension Guidance” Movie                                         Laurie Reyon

Dec. 2014                 ”No Turning Back”  – 65th Annual Ski Film  (2)        Warren Miller Enterprises

Aug. 2014                “The Noosa Legends  of Gnarnia”  (2)                            Koala Khronicles

June 2014                “The Internet’s Own Boy”   (2)                                        San Diego CJC

Feb. 2014                 Jewish Film Festival (5 Dates - screenings)                  SD JCC

Dec. 2014                “The Haumana” Film by Keo Woolford   (2 x)             Kelly Haupu

Dec. 2013                “Ticket to Ride”   (2 x)                                                        Warren Miller

Aug. 2013               “Shalom Sesame”                                                                 San Diego CJC

July 2013                ”Say No More” Surf Video   (2 x )                                     Taylor Larison

July 2013                 “Across Worlds”                                                                  Jeff Salz

May  2013               “Mandolin in B”  (Documentary)                                     Rick Bowman

Dec. 2012               “Flow State” 63rd Annual Film (2 x)                               Warren Miller

Feb. 2012                21st Annual Jewish Film Festival                                    San Diego CJC

Dec.  2011              “Like There’s No Tomorrow” (62nd Annual Film)        Warren Miller

Dec.  2011               “Koala Khronicles” (Austrialian Surf Film)                    Birdman Productions 

Apr.  2011               “The Island”  (Ostrov – Russian Film)                              Chris Hetrick

Aug.  2011               ” 33   In  3″  (Documentary Film -Surgery Team)          Logan Call  

Aug.  2011               “The Scene”  (Documentary – Rock Climbing)                (Prana Inc.)